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Internship Journal 11/3

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, and I wanted to fill you in on what’s going on! The internship I’m currently in at my church, Crossbridge Christian Church, has been awesome. Part of the requirements for the internship is that I do a journal. Well, I want to share that journal with you! Here’s my latest entry…


November 3rd, 2009

So, if you noticed, I’m not writing on a Thursday! I’ve decided to change the way that I write my journals a bit. Instead of writing on thursdays, at the end of my week per se, I’m going to write on Tuesdays, at the beginning of my week and reflect on the past week and what I learned. So why am I doing this? Well, I want to be more focused on thursdays. Tuesday is my primary get-random-office-stuff-done day and thursday is my primary creative, work on projects day. Well, I have an hour carved out on Tuesdays (today) to work on projects, but for me, it takes a little while to get my creative juices flowing, so I thought, why not take the time that I would be spending on my journal on Thursday and move it to Tuesdays? That’ll be great and give me more time on Thursday to work on projects and be creative! It’s a win win.

So not much has happened since last thursday, but we’ll still talk about a few things. Something I learned from this past sunday is to be thorough in preparation. I set up the sermon slides for sunday morning with all the verses our pastor uses and the songs we sing. I made a few mistakes in not checking to make sure EVERYthing was congruent. I checked and made sure the sermon was correct, but I didn’t check to see if the songs were all the same font and size. Well, we get to the second song in the set and the font is MUCH smaller than the previous. This is an issue for multiple reasons. 1) Our screens are somewhat far from the front of the crowd, and that makes it even worse for those in the back. We use a large font so that everyone can see what is on the screen, and to not have a larger font is an issue. 2) It is unprofessional and negligent. Simple as that. I want to aspire to excellence and the fact that I didn’t make sure everything was correct beforehand was an issue. If this was for a client, this wouldn’t go over well, so I need to have the same standards as a company would have of excellence. Shoot, mine need to be higher so that I represent the body of Christ better. Not that we are better than everyone else, but that we aspire to excellence because we represent God to the world. Our God is excellent, why shouldn’t we be?

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