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Random Thought //”Quit Daydreaming”

neverending-story-jesusSo it’s been a while since my last posting… So dearly sorry. Lots of stuff been going on.

So here’s a random thought. I was watching The Neverending Story with my sister and niece over spring break. In the very beginning, the main character, Sebastian, is sitting at the dinner table eating breakfast with his dad. His dad was commenting on how his teachers were reporting that Sebastian day dreamed too much and didn’t pay attention. His dad proceeded to tell him to “quit daydreaming and face your problems.” How sad. That’s right, how sad. From personal experience, I feel that we don’t daydream enough. Whatever happened to imagining clouds were lions and that the birds were secretly dragons, but during the day had to hide so they wouldn’t be killed by the evil dragon hunters? Whatever happened to making animated flip books out of your vocabulary books, or doodling on napkins at McDonalds? I fear that creativity is something that is being killed in today’s society. Our schools are pushing more and more academics, critical thought, and not enough abstract thought.

I remember when I was a child, I was creative. I thought outside the box. I would see bear faces in the trees, and imagine that I was a wild space cadet, traveling all across the universe. Or I was a fighter pilot, saving my nation. Or I was a Knight in shining armor, saving my 4th grade crush from the evil bully. IMAGINATION. In our classes (and society) we are taught to write papers a certain way, to read books a certain way, pray to God a certain way, talk to our parents a certain way, do everything a certain way. It has to fit into a box. The beautiful thing about creativity is that it makes the box it fits in! You can’t make it conform to a set of rules, although guidelines definitely assist in the creative process, such as the rule of thirds or color harmonies. Creativity is being stifled.

So what do you leave here with? What do you do or think or say? Let’s all protest at the capitol? No. Not necessarily. What you can do is this: grab a piece of scratch paper and draw. Nothing in particular. Just put your pen on paper and let it do the rest. Or, grab a spoon and tap your desk. You can tap it to a static beat, tap, tap, tap, tap. Go from there and make it a little more different, tap, tap tap, tap, tap tap. Or, grab a journal (or computer) and write. Doesn’t matter what, just write. Write a story, a poem, a haiku. Something. Just write.

BE CREATIVE! Think outside the box! Go outside and enjoy the earth that God has made. He’s the ultimate creator. Be inspired =] He kind of knew what he was doing… Haha

(image from http://distractionade.blogspot.com/2009/02/so-think-back-long-time-ago-to-that.html)

  1. sq
    March 26, 2009 at 12:54 am

    Thanks for this. I agree with you completely. I don’t think kids are exposed to creativity like we were when we were young. I think that a lot of people who struggle with stress aren’t being creative. That may not make any sense to you or to others but when I’m going through tough times I feel a lot of emotions come on and I try to take it and apply to songwriting, poetry, singing, creative writing, etc. I even spend in time of worship. This may be going off the track here, but I think that we can imagine in worship. Imagine what God is like. That’s a little out there but it makes sense to me. I think that I’m going to be more imaginative. God has given all of us talents and I think that society defuses it. Good words! Thanks! 😀


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