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Scams and Crazy Dreams

I wish I could find a picture to fit this, but I couldn’t. Praise God you guys didn’t follow through with the laptop thing. I’ve been paying close attention to my credit card statement and there have been multiple fraudulent charges.

Dirty. Just, plain, dirty. I’m disputing them through Citi and praying that they get cancelled soon… Man. Anyway. This isn’t worth stressing over.

Something I’ve been thinking about today is this: it’s better to be bold and look stupid than to be a coward and save face. So why have I been thinking this? I’ve been having some pretty vivid and realistic dreams as of late. Extremely realistic and even weirder, extremely specific. Now that I think about it, and after a bit of research, the places that have been mentioned in my dreams haven’t been real, despite their specificity. Anyway, I thought I might want to give some of these some merit, because every now and again I have dreams that do come true… those deja vu moments, you know? But yeah, I had a dream in a dream and in the first dream i dreamt that someone else had dreamed a dream, and that our dreams were connected. Well, I texted this person today and asked them if they had any dreams the night before. A few hours later (more like a few seconds) I had the overwhelming feeling of “Oh crap.” Most of the day I’ve been wrestling with that feeling of “what did I just do… oh gosh.” But I also came to a realization in the process: God is humbling me. It’s a bizarre connection but bare with me. That “oh crap” feeling was my pride seeping out; I had lost face. For most of the day I was wrestling with my pride but then God gave me a peace about it. Yes, I had made a bit of a fool of myself, created a bit of an awkard situation, but at the end of the day awkward situations can be moved on from. And thats what I need to do. Sacrifice my pride and move on. And all is better.

You know, despite the whateveriness of the day, it turned out to be ok. I went for a jog, slept in, got humbled. Good day.

Be praying for my campus ministry, Christian Campus Fellowship. We have a team in Haiti and Chicago right now on a mission trip. Be excited for what is to come =]

(by the way, my neice is watching the Neverending Story right now. Talk about old school)

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