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Journal Entry on 3/3

Every now and again I will share stuff that I write in my journal, just to give you an idea of what’s going on in my head and in my life. It’s a different side of me. Some stuff won’t make sense necessarily, but I want to give you me in my purest form… ish. haha. Enjoy =]


God’s really bringing me to humility and service. Killing my pride and selfishness. More so, making me, transforming me, into a servant. Thinking of others’ needs before my own. Not worrying,  considering and thinking, so that I help them. I want to become more like Christ. Last night during prayer someone said somethinga bout how Christ serves the church; that’s how a husband serves his wife. I was like, man, that’s how I should serve my girlfriend (When I get one). Being a servant. Thats what a man is called to in every area of his life, not just romantic relationships. Service in all areas comes before relatonships. I should learn to serve others before I learn to serve my wife. Service of others bleeds into romantic relationships. But God wants me to learn to be a servant so that I can glorify him… not get a girlfriend. HE wants me. HE’s been getting my attention. He’s the good kid that likes me, but I like the “bad” boy, or just another boy. (For clarifications sake, imagining that I’m a girl. There is a history with me being the “nice” guy, so this analogy/metaphor hits home for me) I just want to be friends. I don’t want to give myself over completely because I’m afraid of losing an experience, even though the good guy is the best for me. It’s selfish and prideful.

Good Day.

So that’s a little bit of a window into how and what I think about. I’ll be explaining the “Nice/Good” guy analogy a little more in some upcoming post… be excited. I have a lot of stuff up my sleeve =]

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  1. sq
    March 7, 2009 at 3:55 am

    It’s good to be the “nice” guy. I know what you mean. Just be yourself because that is who God made you to be. I’m one of those “nice-guys” and most of the time it sucks, but God will bring a woman to you, in HIS time. 😀

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