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Random Thought //texting

text messaging is an interesting thing. It really can open the window into someone else’s life. This thought stems from me accidentally texting a friend of mine, Ben, when I meant to text my other friend Ben. I was telling him we needed to find  a fourth roommate. Keep in mind this was sent to the wrong Ben, and so he texted back asking about some more information. Now, lo and behold, both Bens are my roommate next year! Weird how these things happen…

It’s really cool to think about. Imagine getting a text from a random person. They just sent you a little piece of their day, what was going on, who they were seeing, where they were going. You caught a glimpse of them that you wouldn’t normally get to. So, keep that in mind whenever someone sends you a text. It may seem impersonal, but you actually got to share a little bit of their life. And even more so, appreciate the time that you do get to spend with people. Sharing life is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it =]

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