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Lets try this again

So I’m going to start over…

kind of.

Life has been crazy. These past few days and weeks have been really intense. It blows me away how crazy God is for us. I was going to type insane, but I rethought that. God is crazy/insane because he loves us so much! Is that a bad thing to be crazy about? To be crazy in love? God loves me even though I am a sinner. This really hit home for me recently because a few weekends ago I was on Family Vacation (my campus ministry’s retreat) and  God opened my eyes to the sin in my life that I hadn’t even realized. I am a prideful, selfish, envious and idolatrous boy. Not man. Boy. Now, I’m not saying this out of self-pity or loathing as I may have in the past, but I say this because I am honestly this. Well, I was. Before God’s forgiveness. But he has forgiven me of all this! What blew me away was that despite my pride, my envy, my selfishness and idolatry, he still used me. Even though there was this unrepentant sin in my life, he still used me. I thought I was perfect. Which shows my pride. And so much!

but praise God. He is faithful. This was part of a larger thought… but didn’t quite get finished. I’ll blog again soon =]

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