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Random Thought //texting

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

text messaging is an interesting thing. It really can open the window into someone else’s life. This thought stems from me accidentally texting a friend of mine, Ben, when I meant to text my other friend Ben. I was telling him we needed to find  a fourth roommate. Keep in mind this was sent to the wrong Ben, and so he texted back asking about some more information. Now, lo and behold, both Bens are my roommate next year! Weird how these things happen…

It’s really cool to think about. Imagine getting a text from a random person. They just sent you a little piece of their day, what was going on, who they were seeing, where they were going. You caught a glimpse of them that you wouldn’t normally get to. So, keep that in mind whenever someone sends you a text. It may seem impersonal, but you actually got to share a little bit of their life. And even more so, appreciate the time that you do get to spend with people. Sharing life is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it =]

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redeeming my anger

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

500722_screamI can be an angry person sometimes. I recognize this. It doesn’t make me happy, because I don’t really like being angry. But something that I love is that God is redeeming my anger. Things that I would get angry about, I’m not really getting angry about anymore, which is a great thing. I was thinking about this because last sunday someone didn’t listen to what I had to say, and it ticked me off. That is very much a struggle of mine and a chord, when struck, sends me off. I was thinking about it and I thought of how stupid I was for being angry. I was upset because someone wouldn’t hop the curb so I wouldn’t have to walk 30 extra yards. God forbid I exert some effort. But God humbled me and convicted me.

I think I talked about this in a previous post, but I still think it’s awesome that God uses me for his own purposes, even when I am very obviously far from perfect. I think I’m starting to understand what Paul meant when he talked about being the chief of sinners. He wasn’t being self-abasing, he was just recognizing that he really was a sinner, and it’s a miracle of God that he is being used. I thank God that he is regenerating my heart. It’s exciting to see where I was and where I’m at now. I have some ways to go, but I’m farther now than I was in the past. Praise God =]

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New Underground Graphic!!

February 12, 2009 Leave a comment

hey guys! just wanted to share with you guys my newest graphic =] 

hope you enjoy!


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Lets try this again

February 10, 2009 Leave a comment

So I’m going to start over…

kind of.

Life has been crazy. These past few days and weeks have been really intense. It blows me away how crazy God is for us. I was going to type insane, but I rethought that. God is crazy/insane because he loves us so much! Is that a bad thing to be crazy about? To be crazy in love? God loves me even though I am a sinner. This really hit home for me recently because a few weekends ago I was on Family Vacation (my campus ministry’s retreat) and  God opened my eyes to the sin in my life that I hadn’t even realized. I am a prideful, selfish, envious and idolatrous boy. Not man. Boy. Now, I’m not saying this out of self-pity or loathing as I may have in the past, but I say this because I am honestly this. Well, I was. Before God’s forgiveness. But he has forgiven me of all this! What blew me away was that despite my pride, my envy, my selfishness and idolatry, he still used me. Even though there was this unrepentant sin in my life, he still used me. I thought I was perfect. Which shows my pride. And so much!

but praise God. He is faithful. This was part of a larger thought… but didn’t quite get finished. I’ll blog again soon =]

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