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Man, talk about a roller coaster ride

January 29, 2009 1 comment

Hey guys-

Well, I’m deciding not to do this free macbook pro thing. I was thinking about it and realized… This is really selfish. I’m asking all these other people to pull the weight for me to fix a problem that I caused. So for that, I am really sorry. I’m going to continue the blog but not for this reason. Thanks for your patience y’all. I really appreciate who you are in my life and I’m sorry for using you. Please forgive me. Thanks for all your help in advance =]



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one more thing…

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

hey guys-

so I was looking at the bonus laptop thing tonight and didn’t read some of the print clearly enough. In order for me to get the laptop for only 25 referrals, I need each person to do double of what they would have to do before. so instead of doing 1 100% offer or 2 50% offers like I said before, I’ll need you guys to do 2 100% offers or 4 50% offers, or some variation of the two. It would still be greatly appreciated if you could help me out… this would be AWESOME

thanks for reading this y’all =]

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another graphic

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

hey friends!

heres another one I designed

The Underground

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New graphic!

January 29, 2009 1 comment

So I wanted to share with you guys the latest graphic that I designed today…

Red Hot

I’ll be trying to get some more up soon… my external hard drive has been acting funny lately =[

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